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Hot spring project

2015-10-06 16:51 hbsr
Hot spring development project of Qingcun, Qu Zhuomu village, Cona county

Project overview:  Qu Zhuomu of Cona county is located in the northwest of the town, the south connects Kuju village of Cona, and the north area boarders on Cuomei county of the Lhoka, it’s about 60km from Cona town and covers a wide area. The village has abundant hot spring resources, the temperature of the hot spring is about 80°C with favorable water quality and advantageous geographical location. The project has a big commercial and economic value.

The project is regarded as the hot spring health recovery center, a natural center which ingrates fitness, medical treatment, entertainment, tourism as a whole. The amount of the investment is RMB 2-3 million. The establishment of this project will push the local employment and increase the local financial income, further develop the tourism and attract the investor from different directions to Tibet. The form of the project cooperation is joint venture, sole proprietorship, cooperation, etc.  
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